Conrad Vingoe: One Mic EP


We did some live videos recently which you can check out here –

These are the audio tracks from that video session. It was filmed in the Brunswick in Hove and recorded into one mic, like the good old days of Elvis, retro style! Being shot in a bar, there a few glass clinks in the background too, it’s vibe man…. Continue reading “Conrad Vingoe: One Mic EP”


Conrad Vingoe: ‘Golden Light’

Produced, Directed and Edited by Simon Olivier.
Director of Photography: Dax Debice.
2nd Camera: Kevin Row.

Sound Produced and Recorded by Fiddes Smith.

Conrad Vingoe: Music, Lyrics, Vocal, Guitar.
Fiddes Smith: Mandolin.
Mark Strains: Double Bass.

Special thanks: Andy Hillion and everyone @ The Brunswick Pub; Dax Debice and Kevin Row; Brighton & Hove City Council.

Copyright Conrad Vingoe 2012.