My God, How Can This Be?

In 2013 I was invited to write a song for the RE:connection Project inspired by the documentary ‘Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer’ directed by Mike Lerner and Maxim Pozdorovkin (At the time of writing this film is now archived on the BBC iPlayer). The project featured music by great artists and friends such as Emily Baker, Steve Lawson, Lobelia, Jamie Freeman and many others. Continue reading “My God, How Can This Be?”

Banjo 101: Finding the notes [Part 2]

In the last post of this series we looked at finding all the natural notes along the 4th string. Like the diligent student that you are you’ll now have them memorised… Yes?

Continue reading “Banjo 101: Finding the notes [Part 2]”

Nik Barrell: ‘Growing Peaches in Oxfordshire’…


Growing Peaches In Oxfordshire is singer-songwriter Nik Barrell’s homage to the positive powers of music. It’s an EP of five songs, themselves sweet and tender as a bowl of peaches, that testifies to the therapy of writing music, its ability to dissolve barriers between people, and the shared buzz of playing together. Continue reading “Nik Barrell: ‘Growing Peaches in Oxfordshire’…”