Banjo 101: Finding the notes [Part 2]

In the last post of this series we looked at finding all the natural notes along the 4th string. Like the diligent student that you are you’ll now have them memorised… Yes?

Take a look the open strings again:

1st string = D

2nd string = B

3rd string = G

4th string = D

5th string = g

You’ll notice that the 1st string is also D. As a result, the exact same pattern you learnt for the 4th string applies to the 1st. Handy, right? The only difference here is that the notes are an OCTAVE apart. To hear this clearly, try playing both strings together:

Pick the 4th string with R.H. thumb (T) and the 1st string with your R.H. middle finger (M). Any two-finger L.H. combination can be used to fret the notes but 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 will probably work best for now.

Octaves 1 & 4

So, we’re on our way. Two down, three to go…


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