‘Seascapes’ for solo banjo…



‘Seascapes’ for solo banjo inspired by ‘Mare Incognitum’ – selected works from Cantos I & II by Nic de Jesus.

To view Nic’s work please visit:  www.nicdejesus.com

‘Like so many of the most fruitful projects I’ve been involved in it’s hard to pin-point exactly how they came about. Mare Incognitum is no different. Over months of idle chatting, sharing of ideas and the heroic consumption of tea and coffee, Nic and I now find ourselves presenting a body of work that we are both immensely proud of.

Why banjo?

I was privileged enough to view the initial studies for this exhibition and they provided me with the idea of creating nine ‘miniatures’ for solo banjo. There was something about the plaintiveness and sonic possibilities of the instrument that immediately clicked and from the opening phrase of ‘I.’ I never looked back.’

– James Fiddes Smith, Nov 2015

Composed and performed by James Fiddes Smith
Engineered by Jake Rousham
Recorded at Metway Studios, Brighton, 25th October 2015 using Ear Trumpet Labs ‘Edwina’  www.eartrumpetlabs.com
Album image by Nic de Jesus ©2015. All rights reserved.